David Arquette (born September 8, 1971) is an American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, and fashion designer. A member of the Arquette acting family, he first became known during the mid-1990s after starring in several Hollywood films, such as the Scream series, Wild Bill and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He has since had several television roles, such as Jason Ventress on ABC’s In Case of Emergency. Reference

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Animated Storytelling with volunteers David Arquette, Libby Sandy,Francisco San Martin, Jeremiah Murphy, & Shannon! pic.twitter.com/dLcCWTQkRC

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The Art of Elysium Talks to Celebrities Who Give!

Video Featuring: Kirsten Dunst, Amy Smart, Kat Von D, Dallas Bryce Howard, Ethan Embry and Sophia Bush

Event Details: The Art of Elysium’s Annual Heaven Gala in Beverly Hills, CA. Shepard Fairey was a Visionary and Kirsten Dunst received the Spirit of Elysium award. Sponsored by Boucheron, MSN and Relativity Media and a featured Vogue fashion show. Event co-chairs, Jean-Christophe Bedos, Ryan Kavanaugh, Lisa Love and Shawn Sanford.

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