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There are many Veteran’s service organizations in our community doing great work, and these programs and activities have helped hundreds of local veterans.

For our veterans, we need long term solutions.    Our vision of this solution is a Tiny Home Village for the veterans that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  They would have a safe roof over their head as we work to find them a more permanent housing solution and ensure that their needs—whether financial, medical, or mental—will be met in the long term.  The office will be the site for all paperwork and social services assistance.  The community center will be a veteran’s only zone of activities, access to computers, support groups, chapel, and learning opportunities. The Warehouse will store furnishings, clothing, household items, and a food pantry with all items available to any veteran in need, whether a resident of the village or not.  We are looking to find medical, dental, and mental health practitioners in the community who will partner with us in providing services to the veterans awaiting decisions on their benefits.  One of the tiny homes will be assigned to a site manager who will also be a veteran.  The site manager will be responsible for security of the property, veteran assistance, and emergency management as needed. The site manager will be trained in crisis management, PTSD, and basics of social services. There will be a community storm shelter on site and the office and warehouse will be set up with a rain water capture and containment system for garden and landscaping needs, as well as its own solar panel power system.

There will be a community garden to assist with food supply and what we call “dirt therapy”.  Veterans will be able to participate in the growing and harvesting of their food, this helps them learn new skills and stay busy,  as well as giving them a measure of dignity as they work to provide for themselves and the other veterans.  The residents will also participate in the maintenance and upkeep of the village and its buildings for the same reason, dignity and job skills.  Each home will be 10 x 20 feet in size.  They will include an efficiency kitchen, a bathroom with shower, and a stacking washer and dryer.  Each home will be equipped with a solar panel system for electrical power and a ductless heating and cooling system.  The homes will be furnished with basic necessities such as a bed, couch and clothes storage.  The goal is for the Village to be as self-sustaining as possible with a minimum of operating costs.  The majority of the homes will be transitional housing as we help the vets get on their feet and capable of once again functioning independently.  We know that there will always be some who will never be able, or desirous of, moving into more traditional housing so there will be some houses designated as permanent for the lifetime of that vet.  Policies are still being determined on that distinction.

We as a Board have officially registered with the state of Texas as a nonprofit corporation, and we have received our 501c3 status approval from the IRS.  We have a GoFundMe page set up, as well as PayPal, for accepting donations.


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